Monday, April 20, 2015

"Fireflies In a Jar" Night Lantern

This is simple and beautiful (especially when made with assorted colors). A great thing to take outside on a summer night or to make at a sleepover with friends.

Step 1) Cut open a glow stick and shake contents into a mason jar. Be very careful with this as it can be messy. Next add diamond glitter or any color glitter that you desire.

Step 2) Seal the top with the lid and make sure it stays on tight.

Step 3) Shake your jar and watch all the colors bloom!

Now you have the firefly effect. Simple and beautiful! (Hint: Add more colors to the jar to make it look brighter and prettier.)


1 comment:

  1. When they are done glowing, can you just wash them out and re-use? Or will the contents of the glow stick ruin the jar?